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Juneau International Family Reunion (JIFR) launched in 1988 to once again bring together Juneau … and Jouineau… relatives from around the world. On the urging of Eugene Connerton, who co-authored The Genealogy of the Juneau Family , Virginia Juneau and John Juneau, wife and son of Alcide Joseph Juneau, decided to have a Juneau Family Reunion.  Mr. Connerton encouraged us to not limit it to local, or state, or national, but to unite Juneau family members from around the world and to actually bring together our living heritage. We are based in Shreveport, La.

Juneau Heritage, Genealogy, & Reunions

It all began with “The Blue Book” by Eugene Connerton and Leo Paul Landry. This is the original genealogy of the Jouineau family from France and the Juneau family of North America.

Ok ..I agree, it didn’t ALL begin with the Blue Book.  Maybe, you are thinking it began in France with the Jouineaus, but then … they had ancestors too.  … all the way back to, … Adam & Eve?

But, the documenting and bringing together of our family heritage was first chronicled in Genealogy of the Juneau Family.

Mom, Virginia Harvey Juneau, and I, John Juneau, have learned so much about our family from the Blue Book.  Mr. Connerton has been our inspiration in moving forward with carrying our heritage into the lives of today’s Juneau Families.  Mom and I have authored an updated version in our 2 volume Red Books published in 2006.  And, at the urging of Mr. Connerton and our own desire to bring the Juneau Family together, we organized our own version of the Canadian Ralliement of the Juneau Family that was held in 1960.  We started the Juneau International Family Reunions (JIFR) in 1988 and held the 1st JIFR in 1991 at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

  • to be continued …  July 2020, Metairie, La, neighboring New Orleans.

Past Reunions


Bringing the JUNEAU Cousins Together

Past Reunions

1960   Juneau Family Rallye in Canada

1991  JIFR in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Monte Leone Hotel

1994  JIFR in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1997   JIFR  in FRANCE, Paris to LaRochelle

1999   JIFR Kissing Cousins in Juneau, Alaska at the Baranoff Hotel

2000  JIFR in CANADA, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Three Rivers, Niagra Falls

2003  JIFR in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Ritz-Carlton

2006  JFUSA in Wells Beach, Maine

2009 JIFR in Juneau, Alaska at the Baranoff Hotel  50 yr Celebration of Alaskan Statehood.

2011  JFUSA in Diamondhead, Mississippi


2014  JFUSA in Pine Mountain, Georgia

2015  JIFR near New Orleans, Louisiana at  The Sheraton Hotel – Metairie.

More to come...   2020 JIFR  Plans are for a return to the New Orleans area.

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